If you are interested in placing a Parent  Ad(Recognition ad) into this year’s yearbook, the instructions are below.

**Please note that the FINAL deadline is March 15, 2021**



1. Go to https://commpe.pictavo.com and select create an account ( located on the upper right corner).

2. Search for your school or enter your school ID # 81761 Once you start typing the school, the name should appear below. Click on the school name and select continue.

3. Confirm that you selected the correct school and select Continue

4. Fill out the details for your account and select create account.

5. You must verify your email before you can login! Go to your email and you should have received an email from Pictavo. Click on the link to confirm your account.

6. Log into your account and go to shop my school.

7. Select the size ad you would like to purchase and add to cart

8. A pop up window will appear. Enter your child’s first and last name and select parent ad under grade/homeroom.

9. Follow the steps to pay for your ad, you will receive an email confirmation.

10. Now you can design your ad! While logged into your account, go to my stuff, located on the upper right corner.

11. You will see your ad, just select design to start designing!