Full instructions for ordering your

2021 BHS Arrow Yearbook!!!


·  Go to: www.coffeepond.com

·  Click on the link that says "Order Central" and choose the "yearbook" tab.

·  Enter the BHS password which is BHS2021

·  You may choose either "online order" or "mail in order". If you choose "mail in order", you may write a check or money order and mail it in to the company (*if mailing, leave yourself at least 10 days before the next price change deadline OR final deadline!). If you choose "online order", you may use a credit or debit card.

·  You will be directed to our BHS ordering page.

·  PLEASE type your name (your child’s name) into the boxes accurately so that we know who to distribute the book to in the spring.

·  Where it says "select homeroom", use the drop down menu and choose "Barrington High School"

Notice the price changes that occur as follows:

·  Order now through January 31st @ $60.25

·  Order February 1st through February 28th @ $85.25

·  Order March 1st through March 31st @ $105.25


Books cannot be ordered after March 31, 2021