Dear Parents of underclassmen students at BHS,

Due to safety concerns around the virus, this year we have devised a new plan with our yearbook company to create an online portal in the yearbook where students may upload their own photo for the underclassmen section of the yearbook.


In the instructions and video attached, we clearly advise the best possible way for you to take a photo of your child and upload it directly to the yearbook.  We ask that you are involved in this process and that you read ALL INSTRUCTIONS and  "important bullets"  below so that there are no deletions or re-takes required.  


We would love 100% participation.  Gathering and editing these photos ourselves is a very large amount of work for our small club.  Because of this, we must receive the photo by February 28th in order for your child to be placed in the yearbook.   The book goes to print at the end of March, if we do not have your child's photograph by February 28th we cannot place the photo inside of it. Thank you for understanding.  




  • Please see instructions AND how to video below

  • Please note the due date is February 28th, 2021.

  • No hats, shirts with messages, pets, friends, family, or any other props are allowed. All backgrounds must be BLANK.  Please do not include backgrounds with pictures, tv or pc screens, other people, or anything other than a blank wall.  Students should be sitting or standing, not lying down.   Images uploaded with any of the above will be deleted.

  • The BHS Arrow yearbook is a student run book and is not responsible for lost or omitted images.

insructions for underclassmen photos.jpg